February Message From Our CEO Continued

Work of the heart; in it for the long haul.

The mission of rescuing children from sexual exploitation and abuse and caring for those who are on the frontlines doing this work is a marathon, not a sprint.  We at TIJF and Shift Wellness are in it for the long haul.  We will continue to shed light on the monumental task set out for ICAC professionals and support them as they work tirelessly, every day, to keep children safe and bring offenders to justice.  Since 2009, SHIFT Wellness has been educating ICAC teams and their affiliates about how mental health and wellness practices can mitigate the effects of job-related stress and trauma. Law enforcement and allied professionals can use the tools and techniques we share to help keep them mentally, physically and emotionally in the best possible condition to effectively and efficiently face the rigors of their jobs.  We are proud and honored to do this work to benefit the everyday heroes in our communities.  We will continue to work hard to support all those in need of our help and invite you to visit our website for resources and information.

As you enjoy our newsletter, I invite you to consider how you find meaning and purpose in your daily work and interactions with others and how that enhances your personal wellbeing.  Living a mission or purpose driven life is an important aspect in building personal resilience which will enable you to handle the challenges of life.  The more we are called by purpose/mission, the more we expand our ability to connect with the world around us and deepen our relationships with others.  Research indicates the presence and use of social support is the most important factor in building resiliency.  In the month of the heart, let us consider how those who fill our hearts and lives help us be better, more passionate and purpose filled people every day. Our hearts and brains are better served by because we have meaningful relationships that help us be the best possible versions of ourselves.  Be well!

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